Thursday, January 03, 2008


Dave Barry Reacts to Iowa Caucus Victory

Des Moines, Iowa: We have one early return from the Whig Party Caucus:
Dave Barry 1
Keith Richards 0
Based on these early and only results, you are projected to win the Iowa Caucus. Do you have any statement?
Dave Barry: I want to thank the good person (or pig, as the case may be) of Iowa for this victory

I have some pro-Whig party shirts, if you're interested.
Yes, but are your shirts part of the pro-Barry faction or the pro-Richards faction? This may affect your sales, although we strongly suspect that neither side wants to advertise who they support.
My committee has yet to form an opinion. Also, my committee has yet to form at all. Hrm...
There is some hope of a Barry-Richards dream ticket. We don't know if the two sides can negotiate an agreement though as we are not certain what the current status of the ability of Keith Richards to negotiate is.
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Whig Party National Committee: Dave Barry Reacts to Iowa Caucus Victory