Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Declare "Declare an Awareness Month Awareness Month"

We in the Whig Party wish to have a month declared as “Declare an Awareness Month Awareness Month.” Lots of organizations probably do wonder how these months become declared, and perhaps they represent causes that deserve a month of recognition. Yet, unfortunately, they have no idea how to get their cause declared as an official “awareness month”.

We Whigs are a party of action. We believe it should be the duty of the Federal government to inform the public how an awareness month is declared. In fact, we believe that, at least one month a year, there should be a month dedicated to letting people know how awareness months are created. Finally, the public can learn this valuable part of government actions one doesn’t find in the text books.

Now, we in the Whig Party have no idea how these months are created. We usually just hear someone over the radio say “this is awareness month for this disease.” We find these interesting. Often, we weren’t aware there were awareness months for diseases. Sometimes we drop this information into conversation, such as “do you know this month is awareness month for this disease?” It is especially good when you’re trying to keep the conversation going, and you can’t think of anything else to say. We appreciate the government coming up with this service that helps overcome lulls in conversations. Now, we usually do not actually do anything when we hear that it is an awareness month for a disease, such as having our checked that we don’t have the disease of which we are now aware. Yet, at least we are now aware that we are not doing anything about it.

We wonder what diseases don’t have awareness months. What’s wrong with them? Are some diseases not politically organized to get awareness months? This might be the future divide in our country, between people with diseases that have awareness months and people with diseases that do not have awareness months. This is simply not fair. To avoid this future disease distinction in society, we in the Whig Party urgently urge that a Declare an Awareness Month Awareness Month be declared. And we mean it.

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Whig Party National Committee: September 2006