Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Dave Barry Coy Towards Whig Party Run for President

Dave Barry continues to be coy towards accepting our endorsement for President. In today's exchage, Dave Barry provided us with this update:

Whig Party National Committee: Our committee is considering endorsing you for President. Are you running in 2008, and would you consider accepting our endorsement if offered? If elected, would you serve, and, really, why would you serve?

Dave Barry: I believe you asked me this once before, and I believe I answered that it depeneded on the financial incentives involved, and I believe you never got back to me on that, and until you do I'm afraid I will have to continue entertaining offers from other major political parties wishing me to be their presidential candidate, and believe me there are PLENTY.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The Whig Party Policy on Musket and Other Firearms Control

Recent events have caused the Whig Party National Committee to take a strong position on a major current issue. The Whig Party supports the right to bear arms. What we oppose is the right to fire arms. We pledge that we will only nominate a candidate for Vice President who will pledge not to shoot another person. Considering our nation’s history, this is becoming a problem. We strongly oppose Vice Presidents shooting other people, except when the life of a mother is threatened or in cases of rape or incest.

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Whig Party National Committee: February 2006